Yoga is no longer an activity for New Age nostalgics. Decades after its arrival in the West and after becoming the favorite pose of millions on Instagram, it remains in our daily lives as one of the best tools to improve our physical and emotional health.

Whether alone or in a group, outdoor yoga is highly enjoyable. That’s why the Costa del Sol, with its powerful light and its great variety of beach and mountain spots, offers magnificent settings for those who wish, through their practice, to improve their capacity for concentration, relaxation, body control and body awareness.

We present you with the best centres to practice yoga in Estepona and Marbella.

Annual Congresses

The Costa del Sol brings together locals and travelers with habits geared toward feeling good in the long term. A more conscious lifestyle that is reflected in the congresses that are held in the area.

Last September the XIV Costa del Sol Yoga Congress was held in Marbella and in 2019 the 1st Estepona Nature Yoga Congress was born, which could not be continued in 2020 due to COVID-19.

In both events, yoga lovers, experts and amateurs, came into contact with leaders in the yoga field, from Spain and abroad, and they enjoyed talks, joint sessions and also massage, restoration, scenic activities, chill out music, Kinesiology, Ayurveda, Biodance, Meditation with Tibetan bowls and other topics related to the philosophies of life.

Yoga Studios in Estepona

The Estepona Yoga Center offers Hatha Yoga clases -perfect for beginners, as it is very much based on the asanas or postures and pranayama or breathing- and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, a more aerobic variant, ideal for getting in shape. And all this combined with the Manniello Method, focused on nutrition and health.

The Turnilla Yoga Studio, in the heart of Estepona, teaches Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow in both Spanish and English as well as Fisioyoga – a method of Physiotherapy through Conscious Movement -, Beach Yoga and even Rocket Yoga, a more dynamic style that allows students, if they get stuck with a pose, to skip it and move on to the next asana.

Its founders, the Turner family, also organize retreats at their home, where attendees can practice on several kilometers of beach and with the Sierra Bermeja natural park behind them.

Ananda Mandira is a yoga centre that integrates sound therapies and treatments between San Pedro and Estepona (1st exit after Benahavis). Its founder, Sofi Gibson, is a seeker of authentic well-being through numerous disciplines such as asanas, visualization, meditation, mantras, games, and massages.

Ruben Hormigo is a yoga teacher and holistic trainer. At his yoga centre on Avenida Segovia in Estepona he offers a balanced practice to develop self-awareness and self-control by improving inner peace, well-being, connection and freedom.

Yoga studios in Marbella

Founded in 2011 and directed by Abdel Abid, the Andalusian School of Yoga is one of the most prestigious centres on the Costa del Sol. Its practice is inspired by Hindu temples and proposes different styles combined with Pilates.

Estefanía Barra Delgado is the great teacher of Iyengar yoga on the Costa del Sol, a discipline she teaches at the Sala de la Felicidad in Marbella. This practice, which takes its name from the master B.K.S Iyengar, takes the intensity up a notch when it comes to practicing asanas, pranayama and pratyahara (the introverted attitude of the sense organs).

Among the most popular and international yoga centres in Marbella, the Yoga Zona Marbella stands out with its beautifully designed studio where you can learn and practice Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Functional Yoga, Yin Yoga (slower, meditative and relaxing) and Pilates.

One of the most popular styles of yoga today is Birkam Yoga, also known as Hot Yoga, which consists of practicing in temperatures of up to 42 degrees. These conditions improve flexibility in the stretching of muscles, ligaments and tendons. With 7 years of experience in Nueva Andalucía, the Radiant Yoga Studio in Marbella is the paradise for this practice on the Costa del Sol.

Liora: a more conscious lifestyle on the Costa del Sol

Situated on the beachfront in Estepona, the Liora apartment building – the latest architectural feat by Italian designer Pininfarina – is a motor for well-being through its biophilic architecture, its domotic residential units and an excellent concierge service that will help you to satisfy your needs and desires.

Thanks to this exclusive service, the inhabitants of their homes will be kept up to date on the different yoga studios in the area and their specialities, as well as about retreats held in the surrounding areas, private classes, which can take place in Liora’s own facilities, and even the best landscape settings in the area to practice freely.