As has historically been the case with other professions, the world of luxury has been able to transform an apparently limited role such as that of the concierge into a transcendental facet in the hospitality sector.

Today, both in exclusive hotels and in the finest real estate projects, the work of a concierge is decisive and requires countless skills.

This is especially true in places like the Costa del Sol in Spain, which has become a favourite destination over the last decades for international elites by guaranteeing them a peaceful stay in diverse spots such as bustling Marbella or quiet Estepona.

Private Concierge Service

According to Michael Romei, concierge at the Waldorf-Astoria Towers in New York, “The concierge is the ultimate expression of service. He must be intuitive, observant, proactive and have emotional intelligence. His main purpose is to create opportunities to make the stay memorable for the guests or inhabitants of the property, something he achieves by anticipating their needs, making the best recommendations and even committing spontaneous acts of kindness”.

He defines himself as a “humanised information centre in New York, the most detailed cultural agenda in the city and a public relations expert in the best lifestyle, capable of always having the best suppliers at his disposal”.

He even recalls the experience of a colleague at the Ritz-Carlton in Bali in 2007, when a family arrived equipped with special eggs and milk for their child – with numerous food allergies – which turned out to be in poor condition. So, after wandering around the city without finding an alternative for the boy, the executive chef remembered a shop in Singapore that did have such items, and asked his mother-in-law to buy them and fly them over to Bali, which she did.

“The aim is not to think about the effort and costs involved in our actions but rather to generate such a strong emotional bond and empathy with the guest that they will not consider staying anywhere else,” he concludes.

Luxury services: The Rule of Thumb

There is a very blurred line between what a concierge can and cannot do precisely because in his philosophy the master rule is to never say “no”.

That is why he is able to arrange for a multitude of services such as dry cleaning or the hiring of private home chefs, personal trainers, physiotherapists, personal shoppers, home beauty services, moving services, shopping, babysitting, guided tours, pet care, car rentals, boat maintenance, helicopter transfers, limousines, private jets, and planning first class entertainment by acquiring football, theatre and concert tickets.

A VIP existence

The concierge provides personalized attention to all types of guests. In this sense, it doesn’t matter if it’s a single executive, a newly married couple or even a family. He will help them to cultivate their lifestyle with less effort by integrating their needs and desires into his daily tasks and without limiting his radius of action to special occasions. “They are often the most ordinary tasks that are most stressful for the guest and the most time-consuming,” adds Michael Romei. “And that’s where the figure of the concierge comes in,” he concludes.

The Costa del Sol

Bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, the Costa del Sol covers more than 150 kilometres of coastline in the province of Malaga in Spain. Its name is no coincidence, as it has one of the best climates in the world, guaranteeing more than 325 days of sunshine a year in a paradisiacal landscape dotted with beaches.

This makes the Costa del Sol one of the preferred destinations for luxury travellers and buyers of the best real estate, who have very diverse experiences in a range of very popular destinations.

Although Marbella is one of the most glamorous spots in southern Spain and offers an experience of contrasts between its famous marina at Puerto Banús and the authentic corners of its old town, Estepona is known as “the Garden of the Costa del Sol”, and is considered the biggest untapped jewel in the area given its spectacular beach line, its exceptional landscape and an atmosphere that has managed to preserve the flavour, customs and traditions of its village.

Personal concierge services in Estepona and Marbella

Due to the high standard of travellers and their new home buyers, the profession of the concierge in Estepona and Marbella takes on a special dimension.

First of all, the international nature of the clientele implies a multilingual service and a greater knowledge of the particularities of their tastes and preferences.

International elites demand personal attention in terms of their well-being but also their enjoyment, as the definition of luxury changes at their hands.

Due to their location, both cities are the ideal starting point for organising guided escapes to points of interest such as Granada, Sierra Nevada and even Morocco.

They can even discover local attractions such as watching the sunset from one of the Balinese beds in Trocadero Arena or Playa Padre in Marbella, or savouring the fresh fish and seafood of Amura in Estepona before embarking on a tour of the mural route in the company of an urban artist.

And let’s not neglect to mention the possibility to drive a Bentley, Lamborghini or Porsche, extreme behind-the-wheel experiences on the Ascari circuit, just one hour from Marbella, and even tours in private jets, helicopters or hot air balloons.

An example: the Liora apartment building in Estepona

But that is only the tip of the iceberg. International buyers moving to the Costa del Sol are also – and above all – looking for a quiet existence with less flashy options.

Experts say that well-being is the new luxury, and this coincides with new projects in the area such as the Liora apartment building in Estepona, created by the designer Pininfarina and Excem Real Estate.

It’s a new type of housing that integrates all forms of well-being and where the concierge becomes a factor in a good lifestyle by advising the customer where to buy the best natural ingredients, the best pieces of art or crafts, where to discover a typical dish of the area, where to be pampered with wellness experiences and, from door to door, how to ensure that their home is always a dream habitat.